With soft strokes on a large canvas, slowly unfolds the beauty of what the painting will be, distracted by the crashing waves of the mediterranean sea and the delicious smell of wine and arancini, Sicilian based Artist Vitaylia K. Who originated from Pinsk, a fairytalesc town in Belarus is now embraking on the adventure of making peoples painting dreams come true, lover of experimenting with all different kinds of art techniques and taught from the school halls of an art school nesseled in Catania's Baraccon part of town to settling in Siracusa, a breathtaking sea side city that Archimede once roamed. She draws inspiration from all around her, from the beautiful sights to her furry friends. 

Over the years Vita K has experimented with many types of mediums and  she found painting to be the outlet to which she can effectively express her soul, her emotions and experiences.